The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia is the provincial Crown corporation providing universal auto insurance to B.C. motorists.
ICBC’s internal communications department was about to roll-out its updated corporate strategy to all employees.
After an extensive review of the company’s strategy, my job as head designer at Ideastream Desing was to define the right medium to communicate it and keep it as a resource for employees to apply through the year.
As the strategy needed to be carefully followed and communicated to all employee levels, the need for an engaging and exciting piece was in order.
The solution was to create an identity for the strategy, which we named “The road ahead” and present the strategy in two handy documents called “a driver’s guide”. Each document was directed to two different audiences: managers and employees/brokers.
The manager’s guide included exercises and managerial resources to help implementation. The employee’s guide was an everyday tool to help them remember and apply all aspects of the strategy on a month by month basis.
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