BC Hydro is a commercial Crown corporation owned by the Province of British Columbia and one of the leading providers of clean, renewable energy in British Columbia, serving approximately 95% of the province’s population.  BC Hydro has 5,844 employees (this number includes full and part-time employees).
BC Hydro’s employees are one of their most valuable assets. In the past few years they have implemented many digital communications and e-newsletters that can only be accessed by employees at work thru their intranet, making it very difficult for some outside of the intranet grid to get it or value it.
The company was concerned that some of these communications were not reaching all employees and their families; weakening the bond between them.
To renew this bond, the employee communications department came up with the idea of creating a printed newsletter that could be mailed directly to all employees’ homes.
The publication contained articles about their current challenges as employees and their goals as a corporation, but also included an intimate look at the BC Hydro employee’s activities and communities.
As head designer at Ideastream, I was able to create a branded piece that is now a staple of the way BC Hydro and its employees communicate.
The design included a branded masthead with the name ‘Plugged In’ and an editorial layout that integrated the BC Hydro brand identity with Plugged In’s own playful personality.
The result gave a publication that all employees and their families enjoy and participate in. BC Hydro encourages its employees to use it as a platform to promote their achievements, share their initiatives, build community and foster their values for generations.
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