In the year 2000, Grupo Modelo was celebrating its 75 year anniversary and wanted to create a unique document that would showcase all of its history, achievements and success to date.
Grupo Modelo, brewer and distributor of Corona Beer, is the leader in beer production, distribution and marketing in Mexico. It produces and distributes several well-known beer brands not only in Mexico but also worldwide.
As a senior designer for this project at Milenio 3. I was asked to design a publication that could be presented as a gift to all high level executives of the company.
Part of the challenge included to design a layout that allowed the graphics to project the style and values from those earlier days and reestablish an emotional connection between the founders and new executives that would receive the book.
Being careful not to create an old-fashioned or retro design, the book contemporized the brand equities and elevated them in the communication hierarchy.
Color coding and theming of each chapter created and identified the distinctive areas and the diverse tone of voice of the story depending on its place on the brewery history’s time line.
The final design created a unified, contemporary look that breaks away from traditional brewery visual cues. The book features images and elements of the history of the brewery in a bold, sophisticated and subtly-whimsical style.
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