The Vancouver Aquarium, an Ocean Wise initiative, is a not-for-profit organization that has inspired millions of visitors to join its mission to connect the public to the oceans and all the wonders within them.
The Vancouver Aquarium was looking to increase its visitation during the holiday months. As part of their yearly celebration, they wanted to showcase a unique feature exhibit that would create a new level of excitement and invite wonder and discovery of the oceans.
The aquarium collaborated with Tangible Interaction to create a sensory installation where the aquarium visitors’ participation was the conduit to the appreciation of the oceans. The goal of the exhibit was to discover an underwater wonderland to play and explore while generating engagement value through a shared experience.
Bubbles by Tangible immersive experience allowed visitors to explore the underwater world, get playful while surrounded by bobbing bubbles, glimmering lights and soothing sounds of the deep blue. 
The feature generated gate increase of 3% compared to 2017, and it is the first component of a 3-year holiday feature installation plan that will become the Vancouver Aquarium’s signature holiday event.
All images courtesy of Vancouver Aquarium®
All images courtesy of Vancouver Aquarium®
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